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LettsPay is designed to fit into your current working day and process without any adverse impact. With our Smart bank solution, even your collection method doesn’t have to change. What we will do, is save you time and money. No more manual checking of bank statements, no more rent spreadsheet management, no more waiting on the tenant to make the first move. We can integrate into your existing systems easily and within a few weeks. You will wonder how you survived before we arrived.



With their desired payment method at their fingers tips, it is even easier for them to pay rent. With modern living every minute counts, so to save them time and stress is a great gift. They are always kept in the loop on what and when they have to pay, so they never have to face the embarrassment of forgetting to make the payment.





Your landlords will appreciate all your efforts make to collect the rent for them. With LettsPay behind you, you will be a far more attractive proposition to potential landlords too.



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