Pay Out

Paying landlords by manually transferring funds from your account to theirs can be a high risk chore. One mistake and it is a nightmare to correct.

Here at LettsPay, we have created an automated payout solution which includes check points, so you can ensure the funds are correctly allocated. With our state of the art payment splitting service, dice the funds up according to your rules and allocate them to your landlords and to yourselves.

Individual Landlord Accounts

Our system is designed so that each landlord is automatically assigned their own escrow account. With rent being collected via multiple methods, the tenant pays directly into this account meaning that all funds are ring-fenced per landlord.

Seamless process to move funds

We use a simple three step pay out process to pay your landlord and collect your fees.

Our intuitive portal gives you great visibility of the landlord’s account as well as tenant payments so you can simply see when the rent is collected and pay your landlords there and then. Quicker payments mean happy landlords.