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At LettsPay we can save you valuable time and help you solve the puzzle with our bespoke rent collection solutions

Landlord digital accounts

Be on the front foot with your rent collection. Our comprehensive state of the art software complies with the new regulations such as, AML and CMP.
Each landlord is automatically assigned their own sort-code and account number, so the tenant pays directly into their landlords account.


Our service runs off notifications, we believe that good communication is worth its weight in gold. That is why we have developed a highly sophisticated notification portal that sends email / SMS not only to your tenants but to you and your team keeping you up to date on everything going on with rent collection.

Each message type can be worded exactly how you want to say it and it looks like it comes from your mailbox.

There is the ability to add a smart link embedded into the message, which takes the tenant to a branded web page where further payment request information is provided to them and the options to pay by the payment methods you have selected they can pay with.

Open Banking

Through our messages your tenants can pay directly from their bank account. They can even set up a Standing Order for the regular rent payments.

When the tenant opens the link they can select the bank they want to pay from and this automatically opens up their banking app, all they have to do is log in and approve that they want to pay your letting agent that amount of money.

It is the easiest way for the tenant to pay and it makes your life easier as it will be automatically reconciled within LettsPay, so you just have to confirm to pay the landlord.

Direct Debit

Take control of your rent collection process, you specify the date and amount that is debited directly from the customers bank account.

This is great for your tenants as they do not have to worry about remembering to do anything, it is fully automated and stream lined process. Their rent is always paid and they don’t have to lift a finger.

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