Fast and Efficient

We have developed an automated messaging and payment service that takes a heavy burden off your shoulders. Thus, freeing up time for you to utilise your efforts on attracting more landlords/tenants onto your books – Making Money is good for everyone!

Automated messaging and payment service

We all live in a society now where time is of the essence. We understand that the life of an Agent/landlord is busy enough without having to pop to the bank to cash cheques every month or check the bank balance every five minutes to see if the payment has arrived

For this reason, we have developed an automated messaging and payment service that takes a heavy burden off your shoulders.

Our solution will free up your time for you to do what you are good at and make money.



Reduce Your Administrative Burden

By utilising our service this can significantly reduce the administrative cost of chasing late payers, which is not only time consuming but also frustrating and stressful. We can notify you of every payment received, as soon as it is received no matter what the payment channel it comes from.



Free up time from onerous tasks

Are you fed up checking your bank account everyday to see who has paid? Or recording who has and hasn’t paid their rent within a spreadsheet so you can manually chase?
Do you dream of having more time to recruit more landlords and actually be pro active rather than re-active?

Then let LettsPay do it for you. With our sophisticated notification suite, we can manage rent related notifications for you, these can be automated or sent off at the click of a button.

With our SmartBank tool, we check your account on your behalf and can automatically notify you of payments received. With Direct Debits and Card transactions we are automatically fed the payments data which we consolidate and collate into one clear report that can be viewed within the dashboard. Alternatively, we can send you daily email reporting identifying who has paid and more importantly who hasn’t. We also do the late payment chasing for you!

Easy for the tenant to pay

With our notification tool and the three payment types we believe we have made it as easy as possible for your tenant to pay. With the Smart link embedded into the notification, the tenant can pay via card, bank transfer or setup a direct debit mandate wherever they are, whenever they want to and from any smart device.

Our system even allows your tenant to make part payments, utilising both bank transfer and credit card payment methods, we have the capability of joining the payments together.

If the tenant has to pay an additional fee one Month, our system can handle variable amounts with ease.



Our dashboard provides clear and up to date reporting, so at a glance you can see exactly what is going on with your rent collection book. With our agent notification tools, you don’t even have to log into the dashboard, you can get up dates on your smart device wherever you are.

Never be in the dark again!


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